Marlene Siff: Peace / War

Essay by Ori Soltes
Marlene Siff: Works 1992-1997

"Peace / War" is timely in bemoaning the issue of terrorism, using a combination of image and text. It has been embraced by The National Jewish Museum because it is both an impressive and appropriate work of art.

I was struck by the positioning of the circles over Israeli cities experiencing an ongoing process of conflict and resolution. I was drawn to the conception - the wrestling match with the issue of peace and war...the stark colors of the landscape contrasting with the pale names is a powerful combination.

Although it focuses on Israel, it pertains really to all of human geography and all of human history, raising questions that don't necessarily have answers.

Ori Z. Soltes
Ori Z. Soltes is the Goldman Professorial Lecturer in Theology and Fine Arts at Georgetown University, and former Director and Curator of the B'nai B'rith Klutznick National Jewish Museum in Washington, DC, where he curated over 80 exhibitions.

The Connecticut Post, The Advocate, Greenwich Times, The Westport Minuteman


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